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Impact of Stakeholders of the New ARB Rules of Practice and Procedure

  The 2017 amended Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Assessment Review Board will fundamentally change the      practice and procedure that has existed before the Board since the inception of the Rules in the 1990s. In person hearings will be a thing of the past and emphasis will be upon mediation, settlement conferences, electronic hearings and resolution within the existing four year cycle. Once the Commencement day has been set, the activities in the next 106 weeks in the General Proceeding and 15 weeks in the Summary Proceeding  will be, with few exceptions, inextricably set. Knowledge of the historical rules will be of little assistance, a working knowledge of the 2017 Rules is a necessity to properly practice before the Board.

The Institute of Municipal Assessors will grant 6 CPD credits toward the Continuing Professional Development Program upon completion of this  workshop

  Completion of this program entitles Appraisal Institute of Canadaâ??s designated members (AACI and CRA) to 6.0 CPD credits towards their Continuing Professional Development requirements





2017 Sponsorship Program Participants
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