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Course Details

A.I.M.A. Required Courses




Mass Appraisal The Three Approaches to Value

This course is an overview of the theory and techniques of the three approaches to value.



Residential Valuation Theory, Data Collection
 and Sales Investigation

This course provides the required skills in the accurate collection and identification of residential data for the establishment of current values for assessment purposes



Law and the Assessor
 Part 1

This course provides assessors with an understanding of the legal framework within which assessors function and the procedures to be followed at the various levels of assessment appeals.


Municipal Land Use Planning
& the Assessor

This course provides a greater understanding of the principles and processes that guide land use planning. As Land use planning is a highly regulated activity, legislative and regulatory requirements will be carefully examined and the respective roles and responsibilities of various levels of government and their agencies will be reviewed.


Statistical & Computer Applications in Valuation

For course descriptions please visit the University of British Columbia website - Sauder School of BusinessPlease note, these courses are referred to as BUSI 344 on this website.


Ethical Guide for the Assessor

This course will examine the provisions of the IMA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and how it provides guidance for the behaviour of members in their work.  The course will also outline the complaints procedures protocol and the penalties that apply for those found in violation of the IMA code.


M.I.M.A. Required Courses



Law and the Assessor Part 2

This course was developed with the emphasis on how the interpretation of Assessment Act and court cases affect the property assessor and the property owner. 


The Assessor and the Courts

This course was developed to provide assessors with a practical explanation of the assessment complaint process. 


The World of the Assessor

The objective of this course is to give students an appreciation of the links between assessment, taxation, and the complex intergovernmental world within which the assessment function is carried out.  


Senior Income - Part 1

This course introduces the student to the concept, theory and procedures of the Income Approach to Value. It transforms income into capitalization value, recognizing the return of the initial capital investment. 


Senior Income - Part 2

The course will demonstrate how variations in financing, changes in revenue during the holding period and the expected resale value of a property; can affect the present value and capitalization rates.






Advanced Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal

For course descriptions please visit the University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business web site.  Please note that these courses are referred to as BUSI 444 on this web site. 

Expert Valuation Report


Members of the IMA may be called upon to present their professional opinions and offer sworn testimony in courts and tribunals.  The member will be required to present, among other things, a valuation report that conveys the data, analysis, findings and conclusions that formed the basis for an opinion on value.  In this course, students are presented guidelines for the format and content of a property valuation report.


Cost and Depreciation Analysis

This course covers the application of a cost approach to produce property values.  The course has six components designed to provide understanding of the concepts and how to complete a cost approach analysis.


Accreditation Examinations Oral & Written

Final Exams required to achieve the M.I.M.A. Designation


General Interest Courses



Introduction to the Income Approach to Value

This course covers the theory and techniques of the income approach to value. It covers income and expense analysis, estimating operating income, rental units of comparison and capitalization methods and techniques. 

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